Little Room

Little room

Blinds fall down
Blinds that were tensed
All day all night
Cracking under the pressure
Of all gay all bright
But they fall down with ease
Like a child falling asleep by mother’s breasts

A sudden darkness shrouds the little room
Gases it with an extremely immovable environment
One where, still
Everything is still
As errands are not run
As happiness is not pursued
As I, nor touched
Nor pushed
Nor looked at
Nor inspired
Neither to perspire
Nor to conspire,
am forced to breathe like a still animal
As if existing were a crime of passion, punishment for being one
As if the universe reduced gracefully, to little room, then to me, then to none


The Parrot and The Muse

The Parrot and The Muse

The Parrot sings of shiny cages and the Greenless Universe,
The Parrot croons in sharp moments of overdriven rehearse.

The Muse fabricates his agony, with passions of spirit and calmless booze,
And sings to the threads of her feathery habit, that breathe colored and loose.

Flying without the Chains.

The socials, rituals, and idols of the achiever’s rack,

The chains of money and commoners pull me back!



Break the chains and set yourself free,

The dancing shoes are waiting for the spree.

I understand the algebra of smiles and hugs,

I question the saints, and outlive the thugs!

Toora Loora Toora Loo Rye Aye!

When you hear the bagpipes hum,

Stop chewing on that gum,

You’re meant to dance with the uke,

Like the king, the knight and the duke.

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Don’t sip no more from that drink,

The dance is oozing, on the brink!


Come on, Eileen! 🙂

Exchange of Sparkles.

In a bunch of blurred people, you exclusively shine.

The breeze is running fast, music irrevocably fine.

In this moment, when I stare at you through dark,

The sparkles on your face bring sparkles on mine!


The Cliff

They say life is tedious, because it was tedious for them.

They try to scare you with stern eyes and canes.



But I say child, you keep running friskily towards the end of the cliff.

You keep smiling at the colors on the way.

Coz, when you get there, you’ll learn how to fly.